Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) - Effects, Benefits, Consumption

Also known as ALCAR (abbreviation), is the acetylated version of the popular sports supplement L-Carnitine.

ALCAR is important for many bodily functions, including energy metabolism and memory function, as well as improving neuroplasticity.

As a modified version of L-Carnitine, ALCAR is much more active and has better bioavailability as well as metabolizes differently.

Unlike L-Carnitine, ALCAR is considered a nootropic supplement, meaning that ALCAR can positively affect brain function and intelligence.

Many people use ALCAR as a cognitive enhancer, saying that ALCAR can improve clarity of thought as well as make mental tasks much easier than usual.


ALCAR Effects:

After administration of ALCAR, whether in powder or capsule form, ALCAR is absorbed through the intestinal circulatory system.

Unlike many other dietary supplements, ALCAR is actually capable of crossing the BBD (Blood-brain-barrier) and entering the central nervous system (CNS).

From here, ALCAR begins to act as a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

It is a powerful brain chemical, as it strongly influences many cognitive processes in the brain, such as: memory formation, learning ability, information processing, concentration.

Initially, ALCAR is converted to one of the amino acids, L-Carnitine. From here, the acetyl components break down and bind to Coenzyme A to form acetyl-COA. This substance then combines with free-floating choline, then decomposes by another enzymatic process that converts it to acetylcholine.

It should also be considered that concomitant use of another supplement that is a source of choline may improve the effect.

ALCAR is thought to act as a powerful anti-oxidant and to have nerve protection. ALCAR features work by helping to reduce the elements of oxidative stress. It also helps calm the brain during stressful situations, preventing excitotoxicity and even cell death.


ALCAR Benefits

ALCAR has two different categories in which the benefits of ALCAR can be seen. These include nootropic supplement and neuro-protective benefits. Since this supplement helps to increase the amount of acetylcholine in the brain, all the focus is on this fact.

Generally speaking, this ALCAR supplement leads to better memory, enhanced ability to learn. Some users respond that remembering facts or information has become much faster for them.

Advantages of better concentration, mental clarity. Some users experience increased sensory perception, although this may be different for everyone.

Neuro-protective advantage. ALCAR supplementation helps keep the brain healthy. This includes reducing nerve pain and potentially promoting heart health. ALCAR is also a powerful antioxidant.

In summary, ALCAR will help eliminate toxins in the brain, including free radicals. Neurons will also be more efficient in terms of their communication with each other.


Possible Side Effects of ALCAR

Many of the potential side effects are almost imperceptible. This includes possibly; headache. This is the result of excessive consumption of acetylcholine.

If you are taking a source of choline with ALCAR and are experiencing headaches, stop taking the source of choline for a while. If that doesn’t help, stop taking it ALCAR a few weeks, then start with smaller portions.


ALCAR Dosage:

The recommended daily dose of ALCAR is between 500 mg. and 1000 mg. A portion of ALCAR can be taken immediately, or divided into several portions.


ALCAR Reviews:

  • This supplement works best when combined with a source of choline and other nootropic supplements.
  • Alpha GPC is Citicoline (Choline CDP) is considered a premium combination, but can also cause some negative side effects due to their higher potency.

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