Running - a weight loss helper

Most people these days move physically much less than they did 10-20 years ago. Physical work is increasingly becoming optimized with the help of robots or machines, people are working more with information and its management. Everything is fine with this, apart from the fact that we move less and become "crumbling", without physical exercises it is very easy to grow the popularly called lifeline (Body fat).

Running is one of the sports where body fat is burned intensely and endurance is improved. Today we would like to talk about the benefits of running, how to start running and not lose motivation. When living in Lithuania, when the weather conditions are constantly changing, treadmills always save. It’s a bit like even a personal trainer who is always ready to help you calculate calories burned and mileage. Whether it’s raining or snowing will never be a problem to discover a free half hour to exercise at home. You can buy them in the store.


Running types:

  • Long-distance running is a lighter running load, but maintaining instinct is long-term. Typically, experienced athletes call 15-20 km distances. Of course, there may be more.
  • Sprint. When running a small distance of 50-100 meters, but it is more important to cover it as soon as possible.
  • Simple running. It is also called normal running, where you run about 10 kilometers while maintaining a normal heart rate.
  • Progressive running. When we start running at a slow pace and gradually increase it to the maximum at the end of the track.
  • Interval runs. These are short but repetitive runs. As an example, we can take a 2km running track, and we repeat such a wheel 4-5 times. These exercises develop endurance and speed.

 Treadmills and preparation

  • For sports novices, the distances listed above can be frightening. We advise you not to be scared, all you need to do is move slowly but surely towards your goal. Start with the distances you cover, repeat them regularly, increasing the speed or distance slightly.
  • By no means forget about warm-up exercises and stretches. This will prevent injuries.
  • Cool at the end of the workout. Never end a workout by sitting on a bench or the like, it is optimal to reduce the load for at least 5 minutes and allow the body to cool down.
  • Avoid overtraining. Many of you probably know the saying - what’s too much is unhealthy. This is true of most life activities, including running. Protect yourself, your body is extremely smart and allows you to understand when there is overtraining and when there is a great workout. In this case, the treadmills are very rescue and they are equipped with an app that protects against overtraining.
  • Drink plenty of water as you will sweat a lot of minerals.

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