Exercise machines

We offer a wide range of both home and professional trainers - treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, rowing equipment, etc. We mainly sell Czech brandinSPORTline“Sporting goods.

Home trainers

Our product range will satisfy all-amateurs, casual users and people recovering from injuries, as well as high-level athletes who need the best quality machines at an affordable price.

Home exercise machines in the Stepinfit store make up the bulk of the range. ”InCondiSimulators that can be paired with smart devices via Bluetooth so you can control the simulator through the device and track your progress over a period of time. They also feature an HRC feature that automatically adjusts the resistance to maintain your chosen heart rate zone.

A variety of exercise machines

When it comes to exercise bikes, everyone has different preferences. Some prefer light walking or running, which doesn’t require any tools or equipment other than good running shoes. Others like to use hand weights, while others prefer their daily workouts throughout the gym. The type of equipment chosen will vary depending on the person’s physical fitness and health goals.

Are Exercise Bikes Cheaper Online?

Exercise machines can be bought cheaper at the Stepinfit supermarket online. You can find many exercise machines at the best price. But what about quality? Every exercise machine sold cheaper in the Stepinfit store has the same warranty period as in other stores, so the exercise machines are of high quality, and in case of a defect, the exercise machine is replaced. You want to buy a trainer online? Contact us, we will offer the best price!

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