Dried crickets

Dried crickets eating is a practice that dates back to prehistoric times. Crickets are one of the most common insects to eat. Products containing cricket protein have become popular because consumers like them because of the extremely high protein side - up to 60% of protein is in crickets.

Insects such as crickets are high in nutrients, especially protein, and may be more sustainable than other protein sources such as beef.

The main reason people use crickets as a food source is that they are rich in nutrients, especially protein.

In fact, in one 2020 In the review most crabs have been found to contain more protein than conventional animal protein sources such as goat, chicken and pork.

The review found that the body can digest a slightly lower proportion of protein from crickets than from eggs, milk or beef. However, it has also been shown that the body digests cricket protein better than popular vegetable protein sources such as rice and corn.

What is the price of dried crickets for food and where to buy?

You can buy dried, toasted crabs for food at the Stepinfit supermarket. Cricket sellers set the price from 4.25 for 25 g. package. When you buy more dried crickets, the price is lower. Stepinfit sells cricket meal, cricket protein, as well as spiced crickets. Buy goods made by Lithuanian manufacturers.

"Acheta, PerfectTrademarks dried crickets is a great source of protein for people who want to increase their protein intake.

  • 100% natural - without dyes or preservatives
  • 100% GMO-free antibiotics, hormones or chemicals
  • A source of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber and can be beneficial to intestinal health.
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