Ginkgo biloba Extract - Consumption, Effects, Benefits

Ginkgo biloba Extract or Ginkgo Biloba

A long time back until Ginkgo extract has been discovered as known to be effective supplement for improving memory, to improve mental clarity and focus, it was used as a panacea.

Thousands of years ago, the leaves of the majestic Ginkgo Biloba tree were ground into powder to raise energy levels, fight ear or eye infections, relieve asthma symptoms, increase sexual desire, cure bronchitis, reduce dizziness, or reduce muscle-joint pain.

This plant was used in ancient Chinese culture, was considered a folk medicine, but the interest in Ginkgo biloba extract as an advanced enhancer of cognitive functions over the past few decades has led to a comprehensive sequence of research on how it works.

Now we already know how Ginkgo biloba extract works, it promotes blood circulation, inhibits MAOs and fights threats such as damage to neuronal structures. This is how ginkgo works, its benefits can only be obtained from a properly calculated portion.


Ginkgo Extract - Living Fossil

More than 270 million years ago, the first ginkgo trees were found in wild forests around the world.

These 100-foot-tall giants have curly, fan-shaped leaves containing all the biologically active compounds used in Ginkgo Biloba supplements. Supplements that are made from the seeds of this tree are considered quite ineffective.

This species of tree is considered to be the oldest living species on planet earth. All the genera of this tree are long extinct, making this tree even better known as the living fossil.

Currently, Ginkgo grows only in the Zheilang and Tian Mu Shan regions of China. Perhaps due to such geographical limitations, Ginkgo is used as a medical pioneer in these regions.


How Does Ginkgo Extract Work?

Ginkgo biloba extract works by increasing productivity - blood flow to and from the brain. This is achieved when the components of ginkgo: ginkgolides, bilobalids and flavonoids, regulate vascular conditioners, prostacyclin and thromboxanin A2, strengthen the walls of veins.

When the brain does not get enough blood, ailments such as brain failure can occur. This condition eventually leads to many serious diseases of the nervous system, such as stroke. In the short term, poor blood flow to the brain can lead to headaches, memory impairment, and other dysfunctions of cog functions.

Ginkgo biloba extract also promotes good blood circulation in the nervous system by preventing blood clots. It also has additional benefits to the condition of the body, such as tinnitus, which is characterized by the constant loud sound.

Healthy brain tissue, as well as good mental concentration, can also be an advantage of ginkgo, as a source of choline. Choline and acetylcholine are the basis of a healthy nervous system and well-functioning cognitive functions.

Also, Ginkgo biloba extract has MAO inhibitory properties. Exactly the same as prescription drugs such as anti-depressants. Inhibition of MAOs ensures that dopamine, seratonin, and nerepinephrine chemicals in the brain are properly balanced to obtain natural energy and a good concentration of attention.

Finally, ginkgo also known as a powerful antibacterial and antifungal drug. Ginkgo plays a role in protecting tissues from invasive forms of bacteria and fungi.


Ginkgo Extract - For Improving Memory

Ginkgo has earned its reputation as a memory-enhancing plant. It has a powerful effect on the memory of information, promotes a mental environment that becomes clear, promotes energy and better orientation. Closer circulation in the brain promotes a favorable climate for healthy tissue growth and communication.

Neuroplasty here is also a factor caused by Ginkgo, due to increased acetylcholine levels. This factor may be even stronger when Ginkgo is combined with other cholinone supplements. It acts as a natural MAO inhibitor, Ginkgo biloba extract improves the feeling of mental energy, gets rid of depressive symptoms, cleanses the brain 'fog'.

Adults have been shown to be able to remember facts or information more clearly, to formulate their thoughts more clearly, by taking the supplement Ginkgo Extract. Young people, such as those with ADHD, Ginkgo biloba extract, can also benefit. can help you take more control of your thoughts.

And while the typical nootropic user wants to enhance already healthy brain functions, Ginkgo is recommended for people with more extreme mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, or chronic memory disorders.

There is better circulation in the muscles in the body, their pain is significantly reduced and athletic performance is increased. Ginkgo can also reduce the symptoms of bronchitis, respiratory disorders. Many women believe that Ginkgo can alleviate the symptoms of PMS.


Consumption of Ginkgo Extract

Ginkgo biloba extract supplement is not officially FDA approved due to lack of formal research and studies. However, it has been found that taking Ginkgo biloba extract between 120 mg and 600mg per day can prevent side effects.

If you are sensitive to stimulants, reduce the portion by half without even twisting. For a more noticeable effect, increase the portion, try raising the portion on a pyramid basis. Also, ginkgo biloba extract can and is even recommended for use with other sources of choline. Choline bitartratu, or DMAE.


Possible Side Effects of Ginkgo Extract

For many people, Ginkgo biloba extract is a very tolerable supplement and without side effects. However, we have listed some possible side effects:

  • May cause nausea
  • Head dizziness
  • increased heart rate

however, these phenomena are very rare and temporary.

However, there is one potentially serious side effect if you take forms of ginkgo seeds. The compound Ginkgotoxin (4-O-methoxypyridoxine) can block the effects of GABA and B vitamins and cause seizures.

Ginkgo biloba extract is not made from seeds, it is made on a leaf basis. Always find confirmation that you are buying a leaf base extract, not seeds, to avoid side effects. It is not recommended to use Ginkgo biloba extract in people just after surgery as it can cause excessive bleeding.

Pregnant women and children are also advised to avoid Ginkgo supplements, side effects have not yet been fully investigated in these cases.

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