How To Improve Memory - Tips And Tricks For Better Memory

1. How to Improve Memory - Tips for Having a Better Memory

how to improve memory? This question is asked by many, especially students who, during difficult studies, seek to maximize memory, remember the necessary information. Here we will provide useful information on how to improve memory. We will provide general information about long-term, short-term memory, how to improve memory using certain techniques, methods and tricks.

Some people can easily remember different names and facts, but there are many tips for improving memory that can be relied upon to make the process even easier.
Memory is when the brain can store and retrieve a wide variety of information for both short and long periods of time.
The memory process begins when external stimuli start to act and communicate with the brain chemically. The special hormones that our body produces and that we get from a variety of foods make it easier for stimuli to communicate with the brain.
Over time, messages that are sent from neuron to neuron through synapses create physical patterns in neuronal tissues.
The following well-known tips can greatly speed up memory processes. Further memory can be improved by adding certain natural supplements to your diet that are very necessary for your brain.
We will review all the memory improvement tips below, offer recommendations on which natural products to improve memory to choose the best.


2. Memory enhancement technique: linking

The most modern memory-enhancing techniques require you to put to work the senses, emotions, and actions needed to make associations between different types of information that you can remember later.
You can use these personal connections to form an alliance with the information you want to remember. Linking is a simple form of this process where you create many “links” that lead from one event to another.
Let’s say you ask how to improve memory, the fact that the active memory-enhancing ingredient in dark chocolate is the antioxidant resveratrol. You can create links to this information in the following order: “I would like to improve my memory. Memory formation is improved by antioxidants. A great antioxidant is resveratrol. Resveratrol is found in chocolate. Dark chocolate contains the most resveratrol. Dark chocolate improves memory. ”
It is linking - breaking down information into many parts that lead to each other. When choosing this path of memory improvement, be sure to also use foods that contain resveratrol to improve the condition of nerve cells and speed up the process of improving memory.


3. Memory improvement techniques: stories

The method, which uses the technique of history, involves actions where different details of information are put together to create a coherent, connected narrative. The more emotions and sensations you add to your created story, the easier it will be to remember.
Suppose you want to remember a process of long-term potentiation, otherwise known as long term memory process. You can create the following story for yourself:
“In the part of my brain that is called the hippocampus, the interesting chemical process constantly takes a very important place and helps me to remember various facts over a long period of time. It all starts with two neurons sending each other messages about the events my five senses face every day. ”
"Information about colors, smell and the location of things, names - all the information is provided from one part of the brain to another with the help of chemicals created by my brain. The more times the same chemicals are sent through the same synapse "pathways", the more firmly the information is stored in memory.
"Other chemicals like Glutamate and Calcium help strengthen those synapse" pathways, "so I'll be able to discover them much easier next time."
This simple explanation of how it works long term memory, is much easier to remember than many serious complex facts - the more personal the story, the better.
The process we have just described is ongoing in the brains of all of us. True, nervous tissue must remain flexible, elastic, and growing. Such conditions are created when there is an abundance of acetylcholine, a mediator that controls the growth cycle of the nervous structure. Acelticholine enhancement is known as a natural memory enhancer.


4. Memory Improvement Trick: Location

Remembering a place is a trick where a particular area is associated with some fact you want to remember. The association between place and fact does not have to be real.
Let’s say you want to remember the name dopamine, which is a mediator that creates feelings like motivation and a sense of mental disorder.
This trick would work like this: “The Pacific is rich in dopamine.” This is an absurd statement, but this statement will now easily get stuck in your memory. Remembering a place creates an opportunity to take advantage of long-known information and combine it with new information.
In our example, you already remember the name "Pacific Ocean" without any problems. Thus, the word "dopamine" contributes to old memories (and to some synaptic pathways).


5. One of the best ways to improve memory: mnemonics

Mnemonics is a simple way better to remember statements, when the first letter of a word is remembered and it is associated with the whole word. This is an extremely useful way to remember complete sentences. This technique can also be done in the reverse order - a sentence is created and then, the first letter of each word in the sentence creates another word in the sentence that you will really easily remember. Among all memory enhancement techniques, mnemonics are the most popular.
For example, if you want to remember the important neurochemical "acetylcholine," you should create the following sentence: "I'm quoting an electric tank and waiting for the quoted Hamlet on the Apple Board and I want an apple." Of course, it can be quite difficult to remember such a sentence, but, with a little practice, you yourself will discover even better ways to create more logical sentences.


6. How to improve memory: The hook method

The hook method system consists of numbers that are assigned to groups of words that relate to the facts you want to remember. You need to remember a list of easy numbers and short names and those “codes” will remind you of bigger and more important facts. Rhyming is also often used and its benefits really pay off.
For example, if you want to remember the name “Family tree, which is used as a folk tip improving memory, Ginkgo Biloba, you should add the number 2 to the word "tree". Next, a link should be established between the "tree" and the "Ginkgo Biloba tree". Now that you think about the number "2 - tree", you will immediately remember Ginkgo Biloba. (This will be even easier if you used the name Ginkgo somewhere in your daily routine).



7. The importance of nutrition to your memory

All of the tricks mentioned above can be very helpful in remembering small amounts of information as quickly as possible, for example, in preparation for an important exam. However, to improve dari and long-term memory, one should think about how to improve nutrition to get all the essential substances for the brain.
We call all compounds that are designed to improve cognitive function in the brain “nootropic“. These supplements stabilize overall brain activity, make it easier to concentrate, provide mental stability, improve mood and both long-term and short-term memory.
As discussed above, nootropes that increase acetylcholine levels are a great choice for a start. Additives such as piracetam enhance the work of acetylcholine in the production of healthy nerve tissue and naturally enhance memory. After all, it may be the most effective memory improvement tips from everyone.

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