Resistance rubber - benefits and tips

Resistance rubber

Resistance rubber or bands are complex exercise machines that can improve muscle strength, tone and flexibility. Also, according to their price, they are easily accessible and do not take up space in your home.

They are valuable both in preparation for competitions and for regular training or recovery from injuries.


How to choose?

If you haven’t used resistance bands yet, consider purchasing a kit with different levels of resistance.

Even if you’re a gym professional who has accumulated endless hours of strength training, the thickest, heaviest bands may not be right for you. When buying, consider your fitness level and goals.

If you are recovering from an injury and want to strengthen certain areas of your body, choose the lightest resistance band unless your physiotherapist or doctor recommends otherwise.

Also think about your fitness goals and the areas of your body that you want to strengthen or tone. Some straps are specially designed for the lower body. The other can be used for full body workouts.

Most resistance strips are made of latex or rubber. If you are sensitive or allergic to these substances, check again in the bar you are buying for them.

Resistance Power Rubber

How to use?

If you use resistance bands to build muscle, keep in mind that they work in the same way as free weights: they create an external resistance against which your muscles work.

Unlike free weights, resistance bands require that you always maintain external pressure, even between repetitions.

For this reason, you may find that you need to perform fewer reps using a resistance band than on a trainer or with free weights.

To avoid sore muscles, allow yourself to get used to them. Start slowly.

If the bands you buy come with an exercise guide, video instructions, or instruction book, we advise you to dig into them before you start exercising.

You can also look for resistance strips that come with dedicated accessories such as: door fasteners.


Safety tips

Almost anyone can safely use resistance bands, but unsupervised children should not use them.

Use terry straps with care, especially when they are around your ankle. Do not use them for dancing or during quick aerobics to avoid falls and injuries.

Always check for signs of wear before training.

To prolong the life of the straps, keep them away from the sun.

Resistance belts


Resistance bands can provide muscle building strength for most types of workouts. They are also great for rehabilitating muscles after an injury.

Most people can use them easily and simply. Also, it’s a space-saving exercise machine that you can keep both at home and in a sports bag.

If you want to improve, strengthen or increase your physique, these easy-to-use bands are definitely a great choice.

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