Multifunctional universal sports net Exit Multi-Sport 5000 243x500cm


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EXIT Multi-Sport Net is a sports network with many features. It can be adjusted to three different heights. Tennis, beach tennis, football tennis or volleyball, all options available.

500 cm wide, this allows the net to fit in many gardens, but wide enough to be suitable for use in a particular game. The green top edge of the net ensures that the net is clearly visible during the game. You can change the height of the net instantly. Just click on the pipes to the required height and start playing! Height Low: +/- 100cm Height in the middle: +/- 172cm Height at the Top: +/- 243cm.

Beautiful design and soft colors of Multi-Sport Net would decorate any garden. A strong frame and a very strong net will make the game hours enjoyable! The EXIT Multi-Sport Net has a double mains tensioning system to ensure that the mains is taut. The horizontal metal pipe connection at the bottom of the net is from one side to the other. The width of this connection is adjustable, so the voltage can be changed. The elastic connection at the top of the net to the columns ensures that the net is also firm on the top side.

Also, in addition to a stable tripod, you can also use the unique Exit fastening system, which consists of anchor pipes and ground anchors! Therefore, the sports net is very stable for you to play in your garden. Even while playing volleyball or football. Do you have to mow the lawn? The net is easy to lift from the ground attachment to mow the lawn. And then the sports net is easily placed in the same place as the fasteners. However, even an unsecured net stands firmly on both feet. So it can also be used indoors in a gym, or in a gymnasium, by the driveway (or even at home). Plus, with a convenient carrying case, the entire network can be carried anywhere !.


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Multifunctional universal sports net Exit Multi-Sport 5000 243x500cm

Multifunctional universal sports net Exit Multi-Sport 5000 243x500cm


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