Gas cylinder Cartridge Primus 100 g

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Made by Primus, the world's leading outdoor equipment manufacturer, the Power Gas Cartridge Primus 100 g is a highly durable gas cartridge. Thanks to a standardized thread size, it is compatible with the majority of gas stoves and lamps on the market. Made from a mixture of propane and isobutane, it is Primus's most versatile gas mix that offers superb performance from spring through fall. Even at temperatures below freezing, it offers sufficient power to power a cooker. Its versatility makes it the preferred choice in uncertain weather conditions. The Power Gas Cartridge Primus 100 g doesn't take up much space in your backpack, making it perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

Technical description:

  • Gas cartridge for gas stoves and / or lamps
  • Stable performance in adverse weather
  • Standardized thread size
  • Compatible with most gas stoves
  • Superb performance from spring through fall 
  • Ideal for multi-day trips
  • Temperatures: down to -15 ° C
  • Gas: 80% isobutane, 20% propane, 
  • Gas net weight: 100 g
  • Cartridge weight: 198 g
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6.7 cm


additional information

Weight 0.200000 kg
Dimensions 9.000000x8.000000x9.000000 cm
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Gas cylinder Cartridge Primus 100 g

Gas cylinder Cartridge Primus 100 g