Soccer ball Nike Street Akka, Size 4


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* soccer ball
* designed to play on: asphalt surfaces
* FIFA approval: NO
* panel joining: sewn
* size: - PRO -
* level: recreational
* collection: spring 2021


The Nike Street Akka soccer ball was created with streetball in mind. It's smaller and heavier, making it perfect for practicing tricks.
Durable construction with a textured coating makes it easy to control the ball.
Textured coating allows for excellent ball feel.
The smaller and heavier construction increases stability and helps maintain ball control.
Reinforced and hidden seams provide greater durability.


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Weight 0.500000 kg
Dimensions 0.000000x0.000000x0.000000 cm

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Soccer ball Nike Street Akka

Soccer ball Nike Street Akka, Size 4