Gira Kingsbox Rubber Grip 32kg


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We dressed the standard iron Kettlebell weights in a layer of hard plastic. What for? There are several reasons, but if we emphasize only two: iron kettlebells can chip with use and on the surface, scratches and damages appear. This, of course, spoils the image of a tidy gym, but not only this - such pieces of equipment can damage the floor, other pieces of equipment or the trainee, which we certainly do not want. The second reason is the (in) experience of users: for beginners, these weights are less intimidating and it is better for them to have a firm grip on the weights. The trainees can also more easily notice if they are performing the exercises correctly, which is of most importance when it comes to kettlebells.


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Weight 32.000000 kg
Dimensions 225.000000x215.000000x285.000000 cm

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Gira Kingsbox Rubber Grip 32kg - Metal kvass / variable weight

Gira Kingsbox Rubber Grip 32kg