Griffin Kingsbox Kings Bar Gray Handle + Chrome Sleeves


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Made in Italy.Since we are constantly setting new standards in terms of quality and innovation of the Olympic barbells, it is already high time to present our Cerakote bars. This ceramic and polymer coating specifically enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion / wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. After making the tests, Cerakote is seventy times better than chrome and even a hundred times better than black zinc. Considering that this ceramic coating is used by various military organizations around the world, we are convinced that it will perform it's work with excellence also on our barbells.KingsBar is a hybrid bar, developed for powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and cross training.KINGS BAR II . OLYMPIC BARBELLThe Kings Bar II. is our best selling barbell for men and is the new generation of a product that has been the best seller of the KingsBox brand, the Kings Bar. This men's Olympic barbell has a diameter of 28 mm and weighs 20 kg. Like the previous version, this barbell also remains faithful to the medium-strong double knurling, which in addition to ensuring a solid grip, it is also suitable for all types of training, from power-lifting to weightlifting, to all types of WODs. The barbell resists up to a maximum load of 450 kg and the tensile strength tests have proven to stand up to 190,000 PSI. It is also equipped with 4 roller bearings that gives a smooth rotation. The barbell is entirely covered in hard chrome, which will make it resistant to all external agents such as water, sun, sweat and magnesium. You can also use it for your outdoor workouts. The Kings Bar II. is the most widespread barbell in our gyms and the most sought after by our athletes for its excellent features! Why not add olimpic discs to your new barbell?


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Weight 20.000000 kg
Dimensions 5.000000x220.000000x5.000000 cm

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Grips Kingsbox Kings Bar Gray Handle + Chrome Sleeves - Grips 25mm - 30mm

Griffin Kingsbox Kings Bar Gray Handle + Chrome Sleeves