Swimming goggles Nils Aqua KOR-60AF 01, black


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KOR-60 AF is swimming goggles. They shall be designed so as to ensure the user the greatest possible comfort. The seal and strap are made of high quality silicone. They provide full eye protection against flooding and the harmful effects of chlorine, enable a perfect fit to the shape of the face, and prevent the glasses from moving while in motion. The googles do not fog up due to the special Anti-Fog coating, which allows you to improve visibility during the training.


  • Double silicone strap with side length adjustment
  • Silicone gasket
  • UV filter
  • Super Anti-Fog Coating
  • Anti-scratch layer
  • Adjustable elastic toe cap
  • Good fit to the shape of the face
  • High comfort of use, they do not compress the head and do not irritate the skin around the eyes
  • Packaging: plastic case - K27
  • Black color


  • Certificates, standards: CE
  • 24-month warranty


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Swimming goggles Nils Aqua KOR-60AF 01

Swimming goggles Nils Aqua KOR-60AF 01, black


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