Roller castors Nils Extreme, white matt, 72 × 24 mm, 4 pcs.


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WHITE MATTE NILS EXTREME PU wheels are made of polyurethane. The most important parameters of the wheels are hardness and diameter. The hardness of the wheels determines both the comfort of driving and the adhesion to the ground. PU-82A wheels provide good shock absorption and perfect adaptation to any surface. The diameter of the wheels has a direct influence on the speed of the ride. Wheels with a larger diameter allow you to reach higher speeds, but do not guarantee as much maneuverability as wheels with a smaller diameter.


  • Hardness: 82A
  • Packaging: blister
  • Wheels in package: 4 pcs.
  • Size: PU 72x24mm / 82A


  • Not intended for commercial use
  • 24-month warranty


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Rollers for rollers Nils Extreme

Roller castors Nils Extreme, white matt, 72x24 mm, 4 pcs.