Spinning bike Air Bike Proud 2.0, black


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The bike is designed and made of extremely durable materials, making it ideal for both commercial and home use.

The Air Bike 2.0 works on the principle of air resistance and offers an unlimited level of resistance - the faster you pedal, the greater the resistance. Thanks to the robust construction and precisely installed components, the bike works very smoothly and quietly, and there is no freedom between the components, making the workout much more comfortable.

In contrast to other devices of this type, the use of a drive belt instead of a traditional chain significantly increases the comfort of training, does not require lubrication and extends the service life of the entire structure.
This is a unique HIIT trainer that will focus the whole body on intense work.


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Spinning bike Air Bike Proud 2.0

Spinning bike Air Bike Proud 2.0, black


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