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 Olympic hexagon inSPORTline Dedlif is an amazing barbell perfect for lifting dead weights. Due to the hexagonal construction, your body is mechanically better positioned during lifting, and the hexagonal barbell puts less strain on your back because the load is closer to your center of gravity. Contains two different handles to suit your desired workout mode. It combines hexagonal and high hexagonal handles, so you can isolate the desired muscle groups as you lift the weight (the lower handle provides a more complex workout that allows you to activate the leg muscles). In addition, the handles are equipped with keys to secure them and further reduce the risk of injury. Ability to maintain up to 200 kg weight to suit your personal needs Olympic hexagonal rod inSPORTline Dedlif adapted to a weight of 50 mm. This allows you to change the weight properly during exercise landingsrejection, pull-ups or power triathlon, making this rod suitable for both home and professional gyms. Made of durable chrome finish, the bar is easy to maintain.



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Barbell inSPORTline Dedlif Olympic - Olympic grips 50 mm

Barbell inSPORTline Dedlif Olympic


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