Dark blue garden pavilion with mosquito net p12887


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  • Mosquito net - you no longer have to worry about annoying mosquitoes, bees and other insects. Mosquito net for protection against unpleasant pests and will allow you to bake on the grill and spend time outdoors without stress. From now on, evening trips to the plot or garden will no longer be a problem. The material has two zippers.
  • DURABLE COVER - the roof of the pavilion was made polyethylene weighing 90 g / m2. This material resembles a tarpaulin or thick foil. There is waterproof, and there is no condensation on the roof.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - it is an offer for anyone planning to organize an event or an outdoor event. Great as guest protection or catering from adverse weather conditions. It also works great commercial tent. Mosquito nets will keep mosquitoes, bees and other insects out of the walls of the mosquito net.
  • ADDITIONAL SECURITY - to ensure consumer safety, the pavilion was equipped with additional protection, e.g. lines and pins as well as latches , which allow additional protection of the structure.
  • SPECIFICATION - remo color: white; plating color: dark blue; material: powder coated steel + PE coating 90g / m2; external dimensions (width / height on one side): 200/195 cm; overall height: 250cm; overall width: 400 cm; pipe diameter: 24/18 / 18mm; pavilion weight: 7,5 kg; weight in the package: 9 kg.


  • remo color: white
  • plating color: dark blue
  • material: powder coated steel + 90g / m2 PE sheath
  • external dimensions (width / height on one side): 200/195 cm
  • total height: 250cm
  • overall width: 400cm
  • pipe diameter: 24/18 / 18mm
  • pavilion weight: 7,5 kg
  • weight in the package: 9 kg


  • frame, fasteners, pins and tension cables
  • pavilion cover
  • instructions


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 0.5x0.38x0.64 cm
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Dark blue garden pavilion with mosquito net p12887

Dark blue garden pavilion with mosquito net p12887


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