Training track 2.0 Elite Proud Air Runner


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This is not a simple treadmill - This is a device that will squeeze out your last juice and take your HIIT workouts to a new level!

The Air Runner Elite is designed to withstand any test. It incorporates technological innovations that make it a leader in HIIT fitness equipment.

Training treadmill Air Runner ELITE yra an innovative product from the PROUD brand, which together with a rowing ergometer and an air bike form a line of equipment CARDIO 2.0 interval training (HIIT).


The treadmill is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users. Its task is to provide an opportunity to run as close as possible to running in the natural environment. Once you train with our trainer, you will never want to go back to the electric trainer again.

The running runner is powered by the muscles of your legs. Running at the front will increase your running speed. Going to the back of it will slow down the pace. You can full control of your workoutand easily determine its dynamics and intensityyou will no longer need to manually switch between running modes.

The distinguishing feature of the treadmillfrom competitors there is a 4-level manual adjustment of the running belt resistance - You will decide how hard your training will be. The first level is a normal run and the last level of resistance will make you feel as if you were running uphill or pushing a training sled with an external load. The resistance adjustment lever is easily accessible to the user and is very easy to operate.


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Treadmill 2.0 Elite Proud Air Runner - Treadmills

Training track 2.0 Elite Proud Air Runner


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