Ginseng - A Natural Supplement For Brain Activity


Ginseng is a memory-enhancing herb found in North America, Korea and China. Although there are several different herbs that fall into the description of ginseng, this name usually means Panax or Asian ginseng.

This natural nootropic has been found to improve mental performance, boost mood, protect the elderly from memory loss, reduce anxiety and promote brain health.

It is also known as an adaptogen, as well as a powerful natural aphrodisiac and tonic used in centuries-old traditional medical practices.

Several studies have shown that this supplement can have a strong effect on bodily functions such as energy, immunity and even sexual performance.

Ginseng supplements can be added to your nootropic combination for neuroprotective properties, or used in combination with Ginkgo biloba Extract and Vinpocetine to increase the cognitive enhancing effect.


Effects of Ginseng

Ginseng herbal extract supplements contain many active ingredients.

Also called ginsenosides, these chemical compounds are responsible for panax effects and benefits of ginseng.

However, the real mechanisms of action are quite complex. Because this supplement is considered an adaptogen, the ingredients help normalize several body functions.

The actual process is similar to a chain of commands where many glands control excretion, which is designed to regulate whole-body health and function (one system at a time).

Ginseng helps these glands to function properly and maintain everything in balance as part of the body’s further homeostasis. That often means one of those 20+ ginsenosides may act as a stimulator for one gland or function, and inhibit another gland or function.

Ginenoside The Rb1 group also contains certain steroid molecules that can increase energy, alertness, and endurance. In comparison, the Rg1 group of ginenosides is responsible for various neuronal care processes and prevents cognitive decline in aging.

2005 "Journal of Psychopharmacy”Found that the use of ginseng supplements can improve mental performance in tasks that require a long high level of cognitive function. Studies have also found that Asian ginseng is especially strong when combined with Ginkgo Bilobos herb (Ginkgo biloba Extract), promoting memory improvement in other ways in healthy people.


Ginseng - Benefits

The greatest benefit of ginseng is a means of enhancing the health of the whole body. It works to normalize many parts of the body


features that appear to be distorted. He is also responsible for helping to repair and improve the immune system.

As an adaptogen, this supplement can allow the body to adapt to changes in the environment or stressors.

Ginseng is also believed to act as a powerful antioxidant. Free radicals are by-products of natural processes, but if they are in excess, they can damage cells.

Ginseng actually helps the body get rid of these harmful free radicals along with other toxins and poisons. It also reduces the inflammation in your cells, which is thought to be the root cause of many problems.

Another well-known benefit of ginseng is cognitive enhancement. It is known to increase both working and spatial memory, and protects against memory loss. Using Panax ginseng can improve concentration, attention and thinking in general. Studies also show that the supplement can help calm and relax healthy adults.

Ginseng has been reported to help treat type 2 diabetes. American ginseng has been found in various studies to improve blood sugar control.

This is achieved by creating blood sugar lowering effects for those who are sick immediately and after blood sugar. This effect was seen even in the average blood glucose level over three months.

In addition, ginseng pills or powder may be helpful for weight control. Ginseng tea acts as a natural appetite suppressant, and the extract from natural berries is considered effective against obesity.

As a general tonic and health stimulant for ginseng are low levels. It has been shown to increase endurance and increase energy levels. Athletes can use oxygen more efficiently and help regulate metabolism (this alone can increase energy levels). Ginseng supplements have also been shown to help reduce stress and reduce recovery time.


Ginseng Consumption and Dosage

The benefits of ginseng may not be noticeable at first, as long-term use studies are often referred to as the ‘charging period’.

Most consumers have nothing to worry about, as it is likely to take only a few days. On the other hand, some users may need to wait 2 weeks to 2 months for them to notice the results.

Use for this initial charging period 500 -1,500 mg. per day. In fact, depending on the load period, it may be necessary to double the dose level from the first week to ten days.

After this initial loading stage, users will want to experiment to find their ideal dosing level. Too much ginseng just passes through the body without being used. However, it can take trial and error to determine this proper dosage level for yourself.


Possible Side Effects of Ginseng

Despite the fact that ginseng is a natural supplement that is usually very well tolerated and safe, there are some side effects. Most of them occur more often only in cases of overdose or allergies.

For example, headache, insomnia, gastrointestinal upset (diarrhea, vomiting), high blood pressure or skin rash have been reported. If any of these occur, reduce the dose or stop taking it altogether.

Ginseng is also not recommended for use when there is high blood pressure.


Ginseng - Overview

Asian ginseng is another major nootropic supplement you would like to add to your nootropic combination. As an adaptogen, ginseng can promote healthy body function from head to toe. It also has the ability to improve cognitive function in the short and long term, reducing the risk of memory loss.

If you are interested in combining this herb with other supplements, then ginseng is one of the essential compounds for better energy and learning. You should also look at alignment with Ginkgo Biloba for the synergistic benefits reported in the research literature.

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